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Free CD player with loads of options

OrangeCD Player is a free CD player that will allow you to get the most out of your music when listening to it on your computer or laptop.

Like all the best programs, OrangeCD Player is very discreet, sitting in your taskbar until a right click brings up all its options. You can then control it directly, assign hot keys or bring up sub-menus to further modify its actions. While a CD is playing, a quick rollover of the icon brings up the details of the disc.

OrangeCD Player also has bunches of options, and its detailed track and album info will be of interest to music fans who want to record as much detail as possible about their music. OrangeCD Player also downloads track information from the internet, so you don't have to worry about finding everything yourself.

OrangeCD Player lets you modify just about everything else, from adding notes about a track and picking a default action for the program to take when it detects a CD, to playback options for when your computer restarts - no more listening to the same track twice because the CD starts over when the computer does!

With bunches of options and excellent sound quality, OrangeCD Player is a winner.

New version 6.4.7 adds Discogs API 2.0 support and fixes bugs


  • New version 6.4.7 adds Discogs API 2.0 support and fixes bugs

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  • Good sound
  • Very discreet
  • Lots of track and playback options


  • Only works with CDs

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OrangeCD Player


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